Other Events

Virtual European Crime Analysis Conference 2021

For those who were unable to attend this virtual event, we are providing this recording for your viewing. 


  • Dr. Spencer Chainey, University College London, UK
  • Dr. Paolo Campana, Cambridge University, UK
  • Dr. Lawrence Shermann, Cambridge University, UK
  • David Kennedy, Director – National Network For Safe Communities, US
  • Kyle Ott, Senior Analyst – National Network For Safe Communities, US
  • Meaghan McDonald, Director of Field Innovations – National Network For Safe Communities, US
  • Dr. Jerry Ratcliffe, Temple University, USA
  • Dr. Aili Malm, California State University, USA
  • Dr. Martin Bouchard, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Recent International Activities

  • In October 2019, Rachel Carson spent a week delivering training in crime analysis to the National Police of Ukraine in Kyiv. This was delivered under the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP). At the end of the training, all 30 students received the first four chapters of the IACA publication ‘Exploring Crime Analysis: Readings on Essential Skills’ translated in to Ukrainian.
  • In December 2018, with the support of Friedrich ‘Sam’ Steiner, the IACA co-hosted an International Crime Analysis Conference in Munich, Germany, with the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation, drawing speakers from all over the world and analysts from 18 European countries
  • In October 2018, Yarisa Walsh attended the IX Latin-American Conference on Crime Analysis and provided support to members in the field of crime analysis in continuing with plans afoot to provide training and grow membership across the country. During the conference, Yarisa met with delegates from  Latin America countries and members of national and local police agencies, district attorney`s offices, local government and other entities involved in the promotion and advance developing skills of crime analysts
  • In October 2018 Manny San Pedro attended the conference hosted by the Comisión Nacional de Seguridad in Monterrey, Mexico. Manny was a panelist discussing Crime Analysis Certification along with Nicole Marie Saviñón Lutrell (Secretariado Ejecutivo de Nuevo León) and Javier Osorio Zago (Arizona University).  This was a great opportunity to grow the membership and increase participation and involvement of the analysts in Mexico.
  • In early 2018, member Emely Varela travelled to Ecuador on behalf of the IACA to present at and attend the Seminariro Internacional Del Analysis Criminal a la Politica Publica. It was the 7th conference put on by the Ministerio del Interior De Ecuador and allowed for opportunities to network and share methods, experiences, and current events with Ecuador’s Analysts, Administrators, and Academics
  • In Oct 2017, Rachel Carson presented on cyber crime analysis on behalf of the IACA at the 2nd International crime analysis summit in Santiago, hosted by the Carabineros de Chile. Support for the Carabineros is continuing with plans afoot to provide training and grow membership across the country
  • In May 2017 Manny San Pedro presented at a symposium hosted by the Colegio Mexicano de Analisis y Desarrollo Estrategico, the first symposium of its kind in Mexico. It was well supported by top Mexican Officials on a Federal, State and Municipal level. The Colegio is an academic institution focused on the training of professional analysts both in the public and private sectors. Its foundation is a response to the need for a professional association to support the analyst community in Mexico. The symposium resulted in a large increase in IACA membership from Mexico.